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No Way Out But The Sky (Planet Boelex remix)
Original by Mosaik feat.Hunz
Bipolar Bear (Planet Boelex remix)
Original by Mosaik
Fortune (Planet Boelex remix)
Original by Delaykliniken, released on “Young”
Old and new leftovers warmed up in a microwave
Soundtrack for an Amiga demo by Dekadence, with the same title. [ YouTube ]
Thousand Faces
Released on Kahvi Collective compilation “Secret Games“.
Nth (Planet Boelex remix)
Original by bad loop, released on “Fragments“.
Audio for “Blindfold” video project. Lyrics performed by Aaron Harris.
Nanomies (with Mosaik)
Collaboration with Mosaik, released on “Leandi“.
Live from Les Digitales '09
Live recording from Les Digitales ’09, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
Das Alte Schulhaus (PB remix)
Original by Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, released on “Im Garten der Schneekugel“.
Sim Ten (Ignitionmix)
Featured on “Ignition” compilation.
Blinded Of You (feat. Lisa's antenna)
Featured on “Cycles” compilation.
Featured on “First Anniversary” compilation.
Featured on “Gama” compilation.
Featured on “Soundtrack for your wedding” compilation.
No business like
Released as a single on “Ogredung“.
Featured on “Afe Records 10 years” compilation.

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