Planet Boelex is a one-man electronic music project from Finland, founded in 2004. The music presented on this website is available to be downloaded for free, under Creative Commons license. The license permits you to listen, share and distribute the contents for any non-commercial use. You should NOT use the music for ANY commercial purpose. For more information about the license conditions, please see:

Please note regarding downloading Planet Boelex music, the downloads are officially hosted on boelex.org, Bandcamp or the related netlabel’s website. The releases are NOT hosted on service like RapidShare, MediaFire, HotFile or similar. If a website points the download link to such service, please proceed with caution and consider downloading only from the official sites mentioned.

Some answers to commonly asked questions:

What gear/software you use to create the music?
I will happily discuss the topic with fellow musicians, but will not post the details for the general public. So in case you are interested, feel free to contact me for discussion.

I’m not happy with the MP3 sound quality?
The releases “Moments”, “Exist”, “Raja”, “Little World” and “Suunta” are available also in lossless FLAC format. If you decode the files, you get the original quality .wav files for burning to a CD, for example (in case someone still does this). For the older releases, I do not have the original sequencer source files anymore, so it’s not possible to produce any further versions, sorry.

Is it possible to donate?
Yes, you could purchase a release from my Bandcamp, name your price..

How do you pronounce Boelex?
There are many ways, I prefer “bowlex” or “boulex”. But there is no wrong way, just pick one that’s easiest for you. :)

Melodic, ambient, electronic music. Originating from Finland, since 2004. All music featured on the website is available for free download, licensed under Creative Commons, for non-commercial use.