Sinking in the Soup EP

January 2005
Monotonik netlabel, cat#mtk141

Sinking in the Soup EP

“We start this particular cauldron of delights with ‘Stuck Tight’, a gloriously direct letter of intent, showcasing the immensely smooth, pulsing groove that’s almost redolent of Luke Slater circa ‘Four-Cornered Room’. Moving on, ‘Paprikas From Deep’ commences with slinkily pulsing hi-hat, and cheekily breaks down, halfway through, before ending all together, all allied in rather beautiful complex idm. Ending up, we have, in quick succession, ‘Rear Entrance Technology’, a gloriously ambiguous title for a very funky idm gadabout, the long, sustained build of ‘Swamp Gas’, and finally, the credits screen roll of ‘Swamp Gas Pt.2’, all Blade Runner shimmer in the twilight, and a fitting finale.”

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01 Stuck tight
02 Paprikas from deep
03 Rear entrance technology
04 Swamp gas
05 Swamp gas pt.2 (outro)

Download the complete release (about 35MB) in MP3 format from:
(FI) (USA)

Released under Creative Commons license.

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