Complete discography 2005-2015

The complete cc-licensed discography 2005-2015 in a single archive.
You can preview each release on their respective pages here:

Moments :: Soft Phase & Kahvi Collective [2015]
Exist :: Soft Phase & Kahvi Collective [2013]
Raja :: Soft Phase [2010]
Little World [remastered] with Lisa’s antenna :: Soft Phase [2008]
Live at Virus festival ’07, Lithuania :: Monotonik [2007]
Suunta mini-album – Kahvi Collective [2007]
Live at Netaudio London :: Kahvi Collective [2006]
Misplaced EP :: Monotonik [2006]
Never Change EP :: Ogredung [2005]
Second Thoughts EP :: Monotonik [2005]
Sinking In The Soup EP :: Monotonik [2005]
various compilation tracks and remixes

64 tracks + 3 live recordings
Around nine hours of playing time!

Download the complete 2005-2015 discography zip (around a gigabyte!) from: (Finland)

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Released under Creative Commons license.

Melodic, ambient, electronic music. Originating from Finland, since 2004. All music featured on the website is available for free download, licensed under Creative Commons, for non-commercial use.