Never Change

September 2005
Ogredung netlabel, cat#od079

Never Change

‚ÄúPlanet Boelex is already known for his incredibly successful releases on Monotonik, and Ogredung already had the pleasant chance to host him with the monster hit ‘No Business Like’ (078), which met the favours of hundreds of fortunate electronic heads worldspread. ‘Never change’ sounds kind and charming, yet intriguing, a voice who promises that would take care of you, and that little later for you would open up new worlds, unroll an endless succession of magnificent possibilities. The artist’s music is somewhat obscure, a connive, fascinating and complex in his ineffability; echoed notes like snowflakes falling against the deep, darkening sky make P.Boelex’s rhythms passional, without the obsession of the beat, magistrally constructed within an overall architecture of perfect blendings, atmospheres, lights. Writing about these three tracks is unfair, because nothing in the written form would exhaust the essence carried by them; but of course music is here where the words fail.”

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01 Never change
02 Beaver tactics
03 Planet bee

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(NL) (USA)

Released under Creative Commons license.

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